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Welcome to our "Pop Up" style Jazz Brunch and "jarana." Frequently Asked Questions below!


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Who are we?

  • The world's leading exponents of Afro-Peruvian Jazz Music
  • For 15 years the Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet has been spreading the joy and love for Afro-Peruvian Jazz culture through concerts, master classes and "Pop Ups" of all kinds.
  • The band has touched audiences far and wide while honing their unique fusion of Afro-Peruvian music and American Jazz.
  • The band currently calls New York City its home where The New York Times wrote "The Afro-Peruvian Sextet knows its mission well and has the execution down to a science!"

What is a Peruvian Jazz Brunch?

  • Surely you know each of those words and maybe you have even been to a jazz brunch before
  • What you probably don’t know is that Jazz and the concept of Brunch each share a common birth place: New Orleans!
  • So our formula: Jazz + Brunch + New Orleans + Peru = Peruvian Jazz Brunch in New York City!
  • Good thing Gabriel's wife Gabrielle is from New Orleans and will be doing some down home cookin' (with a little help from notable friends!)

What is a Jarana?

  • A traditional get-together taking place in homes, on patios, in alleys, garages or anywhere else with enough space for musicians and friends to gather.
  • Through music and food a jarana embodies the intimate, sensual and passionate experience that is the lifeblood of Lima, Peru and criollo culture.
  • In coastal Peru this is a celebration with one simple rule: it must include musica criolla, food & drink!
  • Jaranas can last from a few hours to a few days.
  • So now our formula looks like this: Jazz + Brunch + New Orleans + Peruvian Jarana!

What do you mean by a Pop Up?

  • A "pop up" is a concept where you execute an event in an unexpected setting. 
  • Common examples include a "pop up restaurant" or "pop up boutique."
  • This year in honor of Peruvian Independence Day we will be celebrating "Pop Up" style in Mid Town Manhattan!

Who is performing at this Peruvian Jazz Brunch & Pop Up Jarana?

  • The Gabriel Alegria Afro-Peruvian Sextet, of course!
  • Laura Andrea Leguía's Saxofón Criollo.

What is Peruvian cuisine like?

  • It is steeped in a rich mixture of Spanish, Afro-descendent, Chinese, Japanese and Native peoples. 
  • Peruvian kitchens were versed in cultivating fusion dishes ages before cable cooking shows and hipster restaurants ever used the term
  • It is one of the leading and trending food concepts world wide!

What will brunch consist of?

  • Delicious food. Simple, unassuming & home-cooked.
  • Our Pop Up Brunch will meld Peruvian concepts with the New Orelans stylings
  • Gabrielle Foss, an avid cook and long time NO/NY restaurant industry veteran is teaming up with Peruvian Caterer/Restauranteur Marita Lynn for our brunch menu!
  • Recipes have been sourced from the band, friends, family and inspiration!  
  • Here is the menu:  

Mango & Aji Limo (Pepper) Jelly over cream cheese Aji Amarillo Olive Salad Deviled eggs Traditional Peruvian Pastel de Choclo Solterito Papa a la Huancaina Chicken Causa Canary Beans (Gabriel's grandma's recipe! ) Shrimp &&&uinoa Stuffed Merlitons Huevito’s Escabeche de Pollo (yes... THE MAN is cooking!)

What about drinks?

  • Alcoholic: "Chilcanos." We will show you how to make a summery cocktail called a "Chilcano" (think lots of ice, an ounce of Pisco, ginger ale and limes!) 
  • Non alcoholic: Glorious batches of homemade chicha morada (high antioxidant content, made from hours and hours of boiling Peruvian Purple Corn, fruits, etc.)

  Wait... what is Pisco?  

  • A magical clear brandy produced in winemaking regions of Peru.  
  • It is made by distilling fermented grapes into a very fine, high-end spirit. 
  • It was developed by 16th-century Spanish settlers in Peru. It is now considered "The Spirit of Peru."  

What is the music like?

  • Fun and accesible. Something you can think about, but also feel! Get in on this and impress yor friends (LOL).
  • We will provide an introduction to the culture of Coastal Peru and do a musical instrument demonstration
  • For those who are interested, there will also be an opportunity to learn a few steps of zapateo dancing with Huevito! 
  • See video below for a documentary on the band!  


So what can I expect of all this?  

  • Expect a cultural immersion from the time you walk in.  
  • Unassuming. No real decore. It's a school cafeteria!!!  
  • Mixing your own drinks "home style," if you want.  
  • As the music starts, we will invite you to enjoy Peruvian food with a "jazz twist."  
  • Self service encouraged, with love :) 
  • Laura Andrea's Saxofón Criollo will perform some of the traditional Peruvian repertoire...  
  • The Afro-Peruvian Sextet will rework traditional Peruvian musical standards.  
  • A jarana is a place and a time to be yourself, to let go and to forget "appearances." So come as you are and bring a friend!  
  • Great music with tasty bites and pisco flowing all afternoon  
  • Friendly people all around, perhaps a confusing pleasure!  

Date and time?  

  • Sunday July 28th from 12 noon until 4pm  


 Where is this "pop up" happening?  

  • 350 East 56th St. in Manhattan. 

What is the ticket price?

  • $75 per person. Couples $140. Kids under 12 free!

What does that include?

  • Three hours of live music performed by the world's best
  • Peruvian food with a "jazz twist" served buffet-style
  • Pisco cocktails and the opporunity to mix your own!
  • Lots of love and an immersion into the world of a "jarana."

Sounds awesome, where do I get my tickets? 

Just click on the organge button that says "Take me to get Tickets!"

Can I also buy tickets at the door? 

  • Well... maybe. 
  • If available, tickets at the door will be $95 (best to buy online right now that you are thinking about it!) 

Can I make a table reservation for my group of 4-6?  

  • Absolutely, we will gladly seat you together! Just contact us with any of your special needs!

What if I need to talk to a human because I have more questions!

  • No problem, just call Gabriel at 213-200-1420. If he does not pick up, leave a message for a quick call back!
  • You can also email by writing gabriel@jazzperu.org

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Here is what the press is saying:

"The Afro-Peruvian Sextet is writing a new chapter in the history of Latin Jazz" -- Doug Ramsey, Rifftides

"The Afro-Peruvian Sextet knows its mission well and has the execution down to a science."" --Nate Chinnen, The New York Times 

"A facinating glimpse at how jazz music is fusing with cultures around the world." -- Los Angeles Weekly

"4 Stars! " --Downbeat Magazine 

And here is recent press back home in Peru:

This is the lineup of musicians and the instruments they will be playing:

Gabriel Alegria, trumpet & flugel horn & guapeos  

Laura Andrea Leguia, saxophones & guapeos 

Freddy "Huevito" Lobaton, cajon, quijada, cajita & guapeos 

Yuri juarez, acoustic guitar  

Pablo Menares, double bass  

The Afro-Peruvian Sextet is a band that is more like a family. Having worked together for nearly 15 years, the Sextet moves freely between jazz and the music of their native Peru and creates and organic blend of both. 

The band invites you into their world to celebrate "28 de Julio" which is the All-mighty Peruvian Independence Day!

Questions? info@jazzperu.org